Korean Sauce

Koreans love sauce soy sauce, gochujang base, authentic Korean food. Flavor and umami, deep flavor can be achieved.


When you want to enjoy specially made sauces that are different from Korean foods, you can easily make special dishes. Easy, fast, simple and delicious western food source

Chicken Sauce

A variety of chicken sauces such as seasoned chicken, liver chicken, and barbecue!

Chicken sauce faithful to the basics and a variety of sauces that can satisfy a variety of tastes!


Powdered and crispy, optimized according to purpose, use and features!

Depending on the characteristics of the menu, the taste, aroma and crispness of the powder are appropriate after being fried.


Soy sauce that everyone likes, sauce that is suitable for authentic Korean food of kochujang base.

The source of Geumyang best makes the original taste of the material alive,

and the taste of the deep tradition.