Welcome to Kumyang.

In the early 1980s, when chicken was eaten with fried chicken or flour, mixed with flour and pepper,

We made a new sensation in the Korean chicken market by providing a marinade that makes the meat soft and chewy and cooked the chicken stock while cooking it.

After that, we supplied products to consumer products, domestic companies, franchise companies, food manufacturing companies, etc., and focused on expanding our business area through new products through OEM production and customized development consulting.

Currently, it is loved by various products such as chicken sauce, powder other dressing, dipping sauce, Korean sauce, broth base, and seasoning.

Kumyang Co., Inc. is a comprehensive seasoning food producer.

Korea has been changing a lot since the 21st century.

As the culture changes rapidly as it enters the ranks of developed countries, the food culture changes variously and the food industry is entering the borderless market.

Currently, trends in the food service market and patterns of consumers are taking quality and taste first, and consumer choice is widening.

Therefore, Kumyang is doing its best to realize consumer satisfaction by mind, change and innovation that puts consumer health first.

Kumyang's products are reliable.

Since its founding, Kumyang has been a comprehensive seasoning food producer that has focused on customized food manufacturing for general consumer products and franchise companies in domestic companies.

We are waiting for our customers by preparing the best product database through information exchange of various new technologies through close relationship with various companies around the world and constant research and development at the Kumyang Food Research Institute.

We will continue to move forward with the intention to produce hygienic and health-oriented high-quality products and supply the best products with product development and quality control.