Kumyang Food Co., has a mind that puts consumers' health first, change and innovation.
We are committed to realizing consumer satisfaction.

Welcome to Kumyang food

As Korea enters the 21st century, many changes are coming.

As the culture changes rapidly as we enter the ranks of developed countries, the food culture changes in various ways.

The food industry is entering a borderless market. At present, the trend of food market and the pattern of consumers put quality and taste first Consumer choice is widening.

In response, Kumyang food puts the top priority on the health of consumers. We are committed to realizing customer satisfaction.

Since its inception, Kumyang has been specializing in manufacturing customized foods for general consumer products and domestic franchises.

It is a comprehensive seasoning food producer.

Information exchange of various new technologies through close relationships with various companies

Through constant research and development by the Kumyang Development Institute, we have prepared the best product database.

We're waiting for you.

Through product development and quality management, we will continue to produce high-quality products that are hygienic and health-oriented.

We will move forward with a mindset to provide the best products.